Mobile comedy from the streets, for the streets - D.J. Minicab
An avid reader of DiscoCars reviews.

Tales of mayhem and delight

"like cruising the roads with a "Look at Me!" sign taped to your head" 2005

"moments of clear majesty" 2005

"the latest weapon against crime" 2005

"glad to be part of the Fringe" Independent 2005

"... seven outrageous DJ Minicab shows ... amounting to just 49 tickets. But over the three days, more than 500 people applied to join the ride." 2005

"...unleashes a barrage of sound effects, pranks and witty one-liners (via a megaphone) on unsuspecting pedestrians ... driving skills are impeccable ... a taxi fare you won't mind paying ..." Edinburgh Evening News 2004

"The thing that I did actually enjoy was ... DiscoCars." The Arts Show, Radio Scotland.

"Hail-arious!" Liquid News, BBC3 TV.

"You are likely to have a stonkingly good time - pure entertainment." Edinburgh Guide

"One of the most appealing oddities in this year's [London Comedy] festival...." Time Out

"... enjoying yourself is mandatory." The Scotsman

"... a revolutionary service that so blew me away it's taken pride of place in this months R'n'R." Liquid Life

"... discover their taxi is actually a driveable disco ... which comes complete with glitter ball and coloured lights...." Edinburgh Evening News 2003

"Exhausted clubbers at the nearby bus stop look on, bemused. What began as a standard taxi ride home has morphed ...." E.S. Magazine

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