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E.S. Magazine
March 2002
Who's gonna drive you home?
They'll play requests, conduct sing-a-longs and stop for pavement dancing sessions. Molly Gunn takes London's coolest cab

New Year's Day, 5am: Farringdon Road is hosting an impromptu disco. 'Dancing in the Street' is pumping out from the packed people carrier by the side of the road. The doors are slung open, the sunroof is back, and the revellers - my friends and I - are singing inside. I'm sticking my head through the sunroof to trill at passers by. My friend Jamie, resplendent in fancy dress, has jumped from the passenger seat to do the Electric Boogaloo with our driver. Exhausted clubbers at the nearby bus stop look on, bemused. What began as a standard taxi ride home has morphed into a party on wheels.

Welcome to the world of Disco Cars, London's preferred mode of ritzing up a normally dull cab journey. Perfect as a post-club, pre-after-party drive or as the warm-up to a big night out, Disco Cars play classic sing-a-long tunes throughout ('Shout', 'Rocky', 'Beat It'),

punctuated by witty spiel from a comedian driver, and the occasional stop-off pavement dance.

'It's an opportunity to entertain a 'captivated audience,' says founder Adrian Green, an exstand-up comedian who has tapped in to the late-twenty something, early-thirty something market. If you bought the I Love the '80s compilation CD, dressed up for a Sing along a Sound of Music and logged on to friendsreunited., then you're probably Disco Cars' target demographic.

Although our experience was hysterical, it was apparently relatively tame - on other journeys, Green has been known to stop the car and run away, Dom Joly fashion, leaving passengers baffled. Disco Cars has so far entertained Nick Rhodes, Paul Weller and Stephen Fry. Noncelebrity regular clients include hen parties and club-goers who, Green says,

often enjoy the journey more than their night out.The cars can also be hired for days out and wedding parties, and some passengers enjoy the comedy so much that they invite their driver to join them on their night out. 'We don't mind how long the journey is,' says Green, providing our guests have a sense of humour during the drive.'

The company has entertained party-goers on the way to and from Ascot, and they recently took some regulars to Amsterdam for the weekend, so south of the river is no problem. Just make sure you're not in a hurry to get to your destination ? Disco Cars take you on roundabout routes, and it's a devil to stop your driver dancing.

Disco Cars 07961 980 771

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