Mobile comedy from the streets, for the streets - D.J. Minicab
The DiscoCars Classical Ensemble

Coming in 2006 to streets all over London, operatic happenings in and around the gleaming DiscoCar of DJ Minicab.

musical instruments

These will feature DJ's (recently) classically trained voice and the instrumental virtuosity of the more experienced, though newly named, DiscoCars Ensemble.

Events will be located, DJ promises, at great distances from DiscoCars North London control room where he has been praticing in the flat above since last summer.

The brainchild of our main man himself and his more serious-minded musical friends, they will of course be designed to bring pleasure to all.

Whilst hitherto we at Disco have known DJ more for his lurching acceleration than his Accelerando, more for his emergency stops than his Glissando, we are pleased to present this latest development. Precise details to appear here on the web site as 2006 unfolds.


Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2005. DJ's sell out Cab Happy show.

Belfast Cathedral Quarter Festival, 2005. Never has DJ been treated so well. Seats in the DiscoCar were wildly over-subscribed following features on local radio and TV and in the Irish Times.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004. Started inauspiciously with three solid days of rain and an average DiscoCar audience of two. An ark would have been more appropriate. Then the reviews came out and so did the people: three solid weeks fully booked and so much private hire that by the end of it even DJ could find his way round town.

London Comedy Festival 2004 attracted the finest, the funniest and, in DJ Minicab, the fastest entertainment on earth, if not beyond. DJ on home ground provided the definitive tangle with West End streetlife.

Glasgow Comedy Festival 2004
Glasgow City Council invited DJ to take part in the Glasgow festival. This followed his success telling them how good he was at Edinburgh 2003. The Scots love DJ.


Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2003

Never before had a cab/car service entertained festival-goers in the DiscoCars way or played such a platform anywhere.

DJ was out there from the off at the official Fringe launch party at the City Club, Market Street, where he was supposed to provide transport. 'Supposed to', because a last minute confab ended with our main man promoted to the role of emcee! We suspect that other acts will have seen less limelight than expected, but of course all this is water under the bridge now.

See Edinburgh Festival 2003 for more on DJ's exploits and his photos of the stars - ok DJ, the other stars.


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