Mobile comedy from the streets, for the streets - D.J. Minicab
Party transport for London, with lots of fun en route.
Wau wau sister.
Wau-Wau sister in a DiscoCar.

Sometimes outrageous, often funny, always different and on occasion, we hear, the best bit, a ride with DiscoCars adds oomph to any special occasion.

You are never just a passenger with DiscoCars. You might want party games, a sing-along or dancing in the street. You just tell us what you want and we make sure you get it.

Putting the 'cab' in London cabaret since 2001, daring to be different while all around us everything else seems ever more the same: there simply isn't anything else like DiscoCars. It is an entertainment and a taxi service all in one - and there is plenty of room. So get your friends together for big night out and a ride they will never forget!

Back seat hen party in a DiscoCar.
Back seat hen party in a DiscoCar.

See Reviews for some nice long descriptions, Comments for hazy recollections and reflections, Galleries for some party snaps and Events for the gen on DJ's recent or upcoming special outings. We include Hen Parties and Birthdays sections because people are always asking.

If you think DiscoCars might be for you, or you want to find out more, see our contact details in Bookings.


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