Mobile comedy from the streets, for the streets - D.J. Minicab
The DiscoCars Story

Somewhere between the swaying night buses, the disco crowds and Soho at dawn, as he tried to quell the sobs of someone's jilted lover in the back of his minicab, Christmas 2001, driver Adrian Green found that he had turned his minicab into a mobile cabaret show.

Perrier Comedy awarsd ceremony, Edinburgh2003.
The early days

Entertaining and and sometimes shocking his late night fares was in fact something Green had been working at for years. Many were the nights at our old minicab office when he had the boys' eyes rolling (mainly with embarassment) as he worked on his routine.

Even back in 2001, DJ had amassed enough material to last the longest ride; but he admits that there wasn't much left that Christmas night, when at last the sobbing stopped and DiscoCars was born.

London's response to DJ, in the form of pedestrian and fare-paying passenger feedback, sometimes highly vigorous, was instrumental in helping D.J. integrate his gags and stunts into the live and dangerous mobile impro-show for which he is now known. Now fares travel from miles around to experience DJ's car.

Perrier Comedy awarsd ceremony, Edinburgh2003.
Best act on 4 wheels, Edinburgh 2003

The show is fast and unpredictable, leaving a trail of startled pedestrians and gob-smacked drivers. DJ gets the music pumping and his passengers participating and, well, the ride goes on.

Now a veteran of Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Belfast festivals, DJ has picked up loads of admiring reviews. He prepares elaborate comic scenarios, involves the crowd as well as his passengers and turns everyone into a performer.

D.J. pokes fun at himself when he describes the show as, "Comedy from the streets, for the streets". But those streets are indeed where the show comes from, where it happens and what it is for.

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