Mobile comedy from the streets, for the streets - D.J. Minicab
Edinburgh 2003

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2003, a glittering success. DJ Minicab

Known at DiscoCars more for his sense of rhythm than his sense of direction, D.J.'s belief that he would make it to the Edinburgh festival never did rub off on the boys. When he knocked off his usual late night party shift in London, said his good-byes in the cab office and drove off into the summer night, great clouds of exhaust fumes trailing behind him thanks to some last minute work in the Disco garage, we really didn't think he would make it. His new map of Britain lay open on the counter where he had left it. Our squeaky fan turned the pages one by one.

Well, D.J. made it to Edinburgh, he made it back and it was all a great success. Somehow overlooked in the Perrier Awards, though regarded by many as the best debut act on four wheels, he had loads of admiring reviews, plenty of hob-nobbing with interesting folk and day after day of Disco fun - everything he wanted!

D.J. did lose his car keys for the duration of a long afternoon in which he at least got some exercise, and he did lose his voice for a several days. He says he lost forever his fear of making a fool of himself (the boys thought he was used to it) and he claims he lost a few pounds of Disco energy reserves (yes D.J., very svelte now, we really have all noticed). But he only lost his way once, and this less than three hours after he had arrived from London, exhaust now smoking only a little bit, while showing off for the ladies of the press.

Returning home in triumph, D.J. subjected us to many a tall tale and could not be prevented from passing round the photos. Really, of course, you had to be there, but we give you here his favourites.

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