Mobile comedy from the streets, for the streets - D.J. Minicab
Edinburgh Guide
August 2003

DJ Minicab


"What a great idea!" said various groups of people as we were driven around the city centre, listening to crazy Adrian, the driver. And it is a great idea - a mobile minicab venue, dedicated to festival frolicking and generally having a laugh. Don't go along expecting a stand-up routine delivered continuously by the driver. The concept is more akin to a barmy night out with a few mates, causing mayhem and spreading a little sunshine. At one point, for example, all passengers are instructed to don big afro wigs and seat-jive while Adrian cruises round, megaphone out the window, with a special request: "Barbers? Anyone seen a barbers?"

Watching unsuspecting queue members and bus passengers crease-up at your antics is a joy. Adrian leaps out of the taxi every now and then. He dances with policewomen, before telling them - with a megaphone again - to get back to work. He initiates impromptu wedding ceremonies with a vicar's outfit stored in the boot, a boot that also contains a Disco ball and various other prank-playing paraphernalia. You are likely to have a stonkingly good time - pure entertainment. Each ride will be different, depending upon what chance brings your way, and every now and then Adrian has to concentrate on the driving (otherwise the stint could be rather short-lived!), but the moments when it all comes together are fantastic. Few things are more likely to get you in the festival spirit. Surprise your friends with it, especially if they have a birthday. Instead of a 'real' taxi or minicab to the pub/club/venue, give this nutter a call to take you to destination mischief.

Runs till 29 August.

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