Mobile comedy from the streets, for the streets - D.J. Minicab
BBC Comedy Team
May 2005

He's faring well

Steve Bennett, BBC Comedy Team, Comedy Blog May 2005

DJ Mini Cab

When is it a problem that 500 people want to see your show? When the venue only holds seven.

That's the welcome problem comedian Adrian Green faced at the ongoing Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in Belfast.

For Green is also a London minicab driver, and he performs his show entirely in his eight-seater people carrier.

He had scheduled seven of his outrageous DJ Minicab shows for the Belfast festival, amounting to just 49 tickets. But over the three days, more than 500 people applied to join the ride.

Being oversubscribed by a factor of ten is something other festival sell-outs, including Jack Dee and Ardal O'Hanlon could only dream of.

Green said: "The car based performances, which can involve street dancing, disco wigs and a crazy opera, were well received on the streets of Belfast.

"With demand for tickets being so high, the show could have been here for a year."

Posted by Steve Bennett, BBC Comedy Team, Comedy Blog May 2005

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