Mobile comedy from the streets, for the streets - D.J. Minicab
Edinburgh Evening News
August 2004

Comic's in the driving seat for madcap fare


DJ Minicab and Friends, *****
Outside the Dome,
George Street

ITíS 8.15pm on a Saturday. A man wearing a huge afro wig clamps the car of an unwary driver. Before escaping in a taxi, the same man holds up a queue of people standing at a cash dispenser with a giant water pistol. Meanwhile, his passengers, also wearing afro wigs, dance around the taxi to high-energy dance music. A tourist stops to take their photograph. Welcome to the crazy world of DJ Minicab and Friends.

Every year, Fringe performers perform in the most unlikely of venues. Public toilets, private flats, telephone boxes, inside lifts and on top of cranes have all been used as companies try to outdo each other. Adrian Green is no different. An ex-London cabby, his mobile minicab venue is one of the most innovative - and funtastic - shows to ever hit the festival streets.

The hour-long journey takes you along roads such as Princes Street, the Grassmarket and the Royal Mile, as Green unleashes a barrage of sound effects, pranks and witty one-liners (via a megaphone) on unsuspecting pedestrians.

All you have to do, says Green, "is don a disco wig, get into the party spirit, and get down". Every once in a while Green jumps out of his cab. If the chance arises he might put on his "happy [traffic] warden" uniform and give someone a parking ticket.

Or, if heís feeling more adventurous, decide to "marry" someone - in this case, an elderly coach driver and an attractive young woman out on a hen night.

Years driving in London sharpened Greenís observational skills and, thankfully, the authorities - if they get close enough - see the funny side.

It really is a whirl of a ride you wonít want to get off. At one stage, Green comes up behind boy racers revving their loud engines.

With the push of a button, the roar of a souped-up Dragster spews from his taxiís speakers and scares them witless. You couldnít make it up.

At traffic lights, Green is quick to pull out the megaphone and shout.

"Oi you, I like your boots," he growls to one passer-by on Lothian Road. To elaborate any further would give away Greenís best tricks.

DJ Minicab is an original idea that works. People of all ages will enjoy it provided theyíre in the mood. At this time of the year, the majority of people who fall foul of Greenís practical jokes take it in the right spirit and gladly play along. Each ride is different, Greenís driving skills are impeccable and, despite the distractions, you never feel in any danger while heís in the driving seat.

Fast (but within the speed limit), furious, diesel-fuelled mayhem, a ride around town with Green is a taxi fare you wonít mind paying. Just donít forget to buckle up.

• Run ends August 30

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