Mobile comedy from the streets, for the streets - D.J. Minicab
The Scotsman
August 2003

Comedians with va-va vroom


Adrian Greenís people carrier goes hurtling round the city with windows wound down so that the good citizens of Edinburgh can share in the joy of disco. Green, aka DJ Minicab, is a former ambulance driver whose part-time job running a minicab grew into the Discocars experience when Green started filling those awkward silences on journeys with gags, stunts, sound effects and the all-important cheesy music. A favourite on the London scene for hen nights, birthday parties and transporting clubbers to and fro, the journey truly becomes more meaningful than the destination.

Stone-cold sober at 10pm on a Monday night, I find myself dancing to the strains of Carwash around a mirrorball on a garage forecourt in Tollcross. Iím wearing an Afro wig. Tonightís journey has included a spot of ceilidh dancing in Hunter Square, playing machine gun effects at a passing military police car and, best of all, watching Green abandon the car at some traffic lights by the Meadows to commando roll on the grass to the theme tune from the A-Team. His eyes widen as he realises yet another police car has pulled up next to us. However, this is the Fringe festival, so weíre let off with just a raised eyebrow.

To spill the beans on any of the other stunts would be to spoil the fun but safe to say this is a show where having a good time is a mandatory requirement, so psych yourself up or have a couple of drinks beforehand, because you really canít sneak out the back door. Above all, donít forget to clunk, click.

DJ Minicabís Discocars, outside the Dome, George Street, 8pm & 10pm until 29 August.

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