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Disco Cab 2008

Edinburgh 2007.

Dj minicab and friends have left to go to the Edinburgh comedy festival for August, but don't worry if you're suffering withdrawal symptoms you can follow his antics by going to This dedicated channel is a video performers based site that will be covering all things fringe; filming short clips, then rolling them into eight to ten minute features two or three times a day. Containing, news, comment, informal chat, sketches, and a behind the scenes look at the Fringe over the 26 days. The site also aims to highlight the plight of many performers who run into Difficulties and hardship during the festival bringing their shows to Edinburgh. Coming back soon...

Disco magic Edinburgh 2006. DJ returns! Performances nightly from The Dome, George St. Proud sponsors Bombay Pilsner will have their name plastered over the car and, with a bit of luck, product samples close to hand. Opening these will be a lively experience if DiscoCar mechanics get DJ's much-loved hydraulic system working... Details to follow. See Festival Programme for online bookings and availability.

Imitators. We know you are out there! Happily there is only one DJ Minicab.

DiscoCars Classical Ensemble. Coming in 2006 to streets all over London, operatic happenings in and around the gleaming DiscoCar of DJ Minicab.

D.J. Tells the world.
  • See the admiring reviews DJ collected this year at the Edinburgh festival. Spare a thought for the boys at Disco with whom he has since explored every nuance...

    DJ once again won the coveted award for "Best Act on Four Wheels" and will be happy tell you more should you call during one of his frequent idle moments in the Discocars drivers' room. Souvenir programme.

  • Discocars DJ Minicab pre-Edinburgh event, London, late June. DJ thanks all who made the Cab Happy premier such fun, especially those who paid the ransom.
  • Belfast cathedral quarter arts festival 2005. DJ was wildly over-subscribed, a sell-out success with ten booking requests for every seat available. Evidently, newspaper readers took advice appearing in The Guardian Guide: "...[If] you don't live in Belfast, book a flight - now!"
  • Chris Evans and friends recently found their way into the back of DJ's people carrier and into the lens of his party camera: "Brilliant, bloody brilliant!" .
  • Recognition at last. Time Out magazine names a ride with DiscoCars as one of the fifty best things to do in London.

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