Mobile comedy from the streets, for the streets - D.J. Minicab
Edinburgh 2003
D.J. will be getting his kilt on again at Edinburgh 2004. Till then, he wishes to thank...

  • The emcee that didnít turn up at the Fringe launch party.
  • Everyone in the block of flats on High Street, for playing along with his daily Superman act.
  • The attractive traffic controller at the junction of Royal Mile and Bank Street, for letting him get away with it every time.
  • The manager of BP petrol station on Lothian Road, for recognising that D.J. was good for business.
  • The Comedy Bus, for a great show, all the friendly support - and all the aspirin when D.J. lost his voice.
  • Gillian and Liz in the Festival Box Office, for sending him all those nice people.
  • The Dome, George St., for providing Disco audiences with a palatial bar and restaurant.
DiscoCars pickup at the Dome, Edinburgh
Pick-up at The Dome.

Also he apologises to Jess for giving her a black eye while body-popping, or trying to, at the Spiegel Tent late night bar.

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